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Welcome & Thank you for downloading MetaMobil!

Your OpenText ApplicationXtender content is now just a touch and a slide away! With MetaMobil, iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad™ users can now have AX with them on the road all in the palm of their hands ‑ delivering a true "any document, anytime, anywhere" mobile experience.

Contact Support or Submit Feedback:
  eMail us at MetaMobil@MetaSource.com
Contact Information:
  Weston Knowles, VP Enterprise Content Group
    (267) 552-6341, wknowles@metasource.com
  Mario Duckett, SVP Strategic Partnerships & Alliances
    (267) 552-6325, mduckett@metasource.com
  Ed Mackin Jr., Executive Director of Channel Relations
    (267) 552-6314, edjr@metasource.com
  Mark Hanson, Executive Director of Development CMS
    (267) 552-6380, mhanson@metasource.com
  Frank Schlupp, Director of Technical Services
    (267) 552-6317, fschlupp@metasource.com
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